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Kavalalı Cookies

Traditional, Healthy and Hygienic Manufacturing

You can consume our products produced in accordance with 100% natural butter and vegetable oils that do not contain trans fats, without the use of lard and additives.

In cookie production, we operatein accordance with maksimum özen international standards, paying maximum attention to food safety and human health. Our cookies are also preferred products in termsof aesthetics, size and taste.

In Kavalalı

Expertise Transferred from Generation to Generation

Kavalalı Cookies is a point where expertise is passed down through generations and traditional values meet the modern world. Our brand has a deep-rooted tradition of expertise and knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.

Kavalalı Cookies offers quality and unique services by combining the experiences of the past with the future. It reflects the expertise brought by this heritage and the endless cycle of generations of learning in its business.

The Legacy We Carry to the Future...