Since 1946 Our Traditional Production Kavala Cookies

A Legacy Full of Flavor: 3rd Generation Dessert Business

Our family, which carries the traces of hundreds of years of dessert tradition, started to write a flavor saga in 1946 when our grandfather started dessert production in the historical city of Xanthi in Greece. Our desserts, prepared with quality ingredients and traditional recipes, quickly became the favorite of those around them and helped us spread the fame of our unique flavor.

Flavor Beyond Borders: Turkey Adventure

Over the years, our business has made a new beginning not only in Greece but also in Turkey in 2011. With our sweet tradition, which we preserve with longing, we took the whole of Turkey on a journey full of flavor. In this new adventure, our family business, which is kneaded with love, is one step closer to its goal of proving our taste to the whole world.

Diversity, Quality, Flavor: Our Principles

In our three-generation family tradition, variety, quality and taste have always been our priority. The ingredients used in all our desserts are carefully selected, kneaded with traditional recipes and combined with modern techniques. Handcrafted and carefully prepared, each dessert is designed to accompany you in your most special moments.

Proudly Serving

Our team, working with a sweet passion, proudly serves you, our dear customers. In addition to announcing our flavor to the world, we focus on making you happy by always prioritizing customer satisfaction. We find the success of our business in your smiling faces.

The Legacy We Carry to the Future

We proudly pass on to future generations this delicious business that we inherited from our grandparents. By preserving the history of our business, we aim to carry the family tradition into the future by blending it with the requirements of the modern age. Our innovative approach and every work done with love becomes even more meaningful with you.

We Thank You

In this delicious journey that has turned into a sweet passion, the trust and support of our valued customers has been our greatest source of motivation. We thank you and we are proud and proud to be a partner in your delicious memories.

Take a Sweet Journey with us

Take a journey with us in this sweet world where flavor and quality meet. Each dessert in our establishment is prepared for you with love and care. We trust our taste and invite you to this sweet family.

We are with you in your delicious moments!