Orange Beyoğlu


Orange Beyoğlu Chocolate, enriched with fresh orange pieces, is shaped using a special molding technique. This chocolate stands out with its unique appearance and taste, offering a delightful experience with every bite. milk and dark chocolate turning each piece into a delightful taste festival. We now produce with milk and dark chocolate options.

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This delicious Orange Beyoğlu Chocolate, which will take its place on your plate, offers an experience enriched with fresh orange pieces. Each chocolate, shaped with a special molding technique, stands out with its unique appearance. You can savor the unique taste and aroma of Orange Beyoğlu Chocolate with every bite. You can gift this special delight to your loved ones or treat yourself.


There is absolutely no pork fat or additives in our products.

Likewise, the use of glucose syrup and sweeteners is not involved.

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1000gr, 500gr


Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate